A synthesis of brightly-colored human calling cards situated in natural planes, each work represents a playful reassortment of construction's fluorescent, synthetic shapes - portrayed as blank, solid spaces that are simultaneously stagnant/still and stretching/penetrating.
Katzenjammer explores figures in a space that both absorbs and projects.
This series in progress examines the overlap of natural and synthetic/human environments. Industrial construction zones and areas of suburban development provide us with a glimpse of this clumsy nexus. The electric colors of pipes, flags and construction partitions penetrate and interrupt planes of soil and water, resulting in a lovely but mismatched partnership.
This ongoing series examines planes of natural and disrupted terrain as experienced by a bear. Also introduced in this series - the herculean magnet.
I find that there is a harmony developing between me and my child. We are existing within the same state of mind. It is a fluid and natural state that we can all observe in him, at almost any time of the day. It evidences itself as a nexus of fact and fiction, seamlessly brought together through his imagination. It fuses true science with the most elaborate visual worlds built upon observation and experience. It is a state of soft, pliable reality.
My recent work explores that state of mind, this zone that escapes concrete realities, through cosmic and terrestrial renderings that, although highly abstract, can be understood from more than one orientation. The paintings in this exhibit are reversible – created and resolved in this playful way so that I can be brought closer to an understanding or acceptance of simultaneous states, existing together. Most of all, it is freeing to redefine space and time in a way that satisfies fact without limiting itself to equations, theories or formulas.